1950s Convertable Magic Table by Albert Ducrot

manufactured by Ducal in France

Product Code: m22352

Dimensions: 98.5 × 60 × 51 cm (W x D x H)

In stock: 1

Condition: Good

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Price: € 800

This iconic French design table is named “Magic Table” for a reason: it has a unique way to convert from a coffee table into a dining table. The height can be adjusted from 51 to 75 cm.  The width is also adjustable by folding outwards to turn it into a proper dining table. This way of adjusting is an innovative feature that earned this rare table it’s place in design history! It is made of beautiful brown and black coloured wood, contrasting very nicely while remaining the harmonious style. The metal structure that reveals when the table is converted even adds a touch of industrialism! It remains in very good vintage condition.

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