Welcome at our all new website!

There have been a lot of exciting changes here at De Vreugde Design & Collectables. We proudly show them to you! You might have already noticed our renewed logo and house style. Our online personality has undergone a major update and so did our warehouse in Wilnis. Here’s what’s new.

First of all, as you must have noticed by now, the look and feel of our website has changed a bit. We are aiming for the perfect balance between high quality items and good prices. We want our website to match what we have to offer. The different product categories as well as the “New Arrivals” section are here to help you browse with ease. Every item has their own contact form now, making it easier for you to reach us. Also this lets us know immediately what item you are inquiring about. Thanks to this we can offer you the easy, personal approach that we are known for! Also, with the new Blog section, we want to share our passion with you by posting regularly. We post about new finds, interesting themes and the always exciting daily events here at De Vreugde.

But wait, there’s more! Our shop in Wilnis has been extended with a beautiful luxurious entry that gives visitors a warm welcome. Here we have space to give some of our special items an extra spotlight. In the middle of the room is a large table where we can sit down and talk with you about your wishes before or after a walk through our warehouse. Of course, every item in the entry is also available for purchase. We welcome you to visit us in Wilnis, have a look at our about us page for more details regarding our address and opening hours or feel free to contact us!

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