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Exploring Artifort

Artifort is one of our favourite Dutch furniture manufacturers. Not only ours, but they are popular worldwide! They have been creating innovative designs since 1890. Known for their mid-century pieces, Artifort has collaborated with renowned designers. For example Pierre Paulin and Geoffrey Harcourt. They created iconic pieces that were very popular at the time...And are still popular today! In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of Artifort, their design philosophy, and their popular mid-century pieces.

History of Artifort

Founded by Jules Wagemans in Maastricht, the Netherlands, Artifort began as an upholstery company, specializing in chairs and sofas for homes, offices, and churches. In the 1920s, Artifort started collaborating with modernist designers, and their focus shifted to creating innovative furniture. By the post-war years, Artifort had expanded their range to include armchairs, lounge chairs, and sofas.

Artifort’s design philosophy is rooted in functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. The company believes that furniture should reflect the times, and their designers have always been at the forefront of new trends and styles.

Iconic Mid-Century Pieces

Artifort’s mid-century pieces are iconic and timeless. Here are some of the most popular mid-century pieces from Artifort:

  1. The Concorde Chair. Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1965. The Concorde Chair is a futuristic design that reflects the optimism of the 1960s. Its streamlined shape and sculptural curves create a sense of movement. The comfortable seat and back make it an inviting piece to sit in.
  2. The Lounge Chair designed by Geoffrey Harcourt in 1967. A classic mid-century piece. The chair’s curvaceous shape and clean lines make it a timeless design. Its comfortable seat and back make it a perfect choice for any interior.
  3. The Mushroom Chair: Designed by Pierre Paulin in 1960, the Mushroom Chair is one of Artifort’s most recognizable designs. Its low profile and rounded shape make it a playful and inviting piece. Its comfortable seat and back make it a great choice for relaxation.
  4. The Penguin Chair: Designed by Dutch designer Theo Ruth in the 1950s. The chair gets its name from its playful and elegant shape, which resembles a penguin with its wings spread wide. The chair’s distinctive shape and playful design make it a statement piece that adds personality and character to any room.

Artifort has worked with renowned designers to create innovative pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Therefore heir timeless designs that are still popular today. If you’re looking for furniture with a touch of Dutch design, Artifort is definitely worth exploring. You can find our stock of Artifort items here!