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1999 “Copylight” wall lamp by Gerhard Trautmann


Product code L4255
Dimensions30 × 9 × 32 cm

Condition very good, vintage

1 in stock

This unique piece is a combination of art and lighting! A wonderful piece of pop-art meeting the world of design. “Copylight” is a series of artworks combined with standing or wall mounted armatures. This artwork shows a picture of a noose drawn by Juli Capella from Barcelona, Spain. When lit, the artwork allows a light to emit through mainly to the center, fitting the image just right. At the same time it allows a warm light to emit that contributes to the atmosphere of the decor. Each Copylight print has a high decorative value. We have a few available (check here for latest stock info), prints can easily be swapped or replaced. It remains in very good, vintage condition and has the original manufacturer’s label. Design from the original series, # 22.

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